Fisu Bâtiment
Assistant to the contracting authority
2015 – 2017
6 000 sqm

Supporting the International University Sports Federation in its move to a new building in Lausanne

Our customer


Founded in 1949, FISU’s mission is to enable all students around the world to participate in physical activities, therefore enabling them to have a positive impact on their health and well-being and preparing them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Résultat porjet Fisu

FISU brings together 174 national federations on 5 continents and organises the major university sports events that take place every 2 years, with the World University Summer and Winter Games, as well as the World University Championships and World Cups in over 40 sports.

It therefore brings together thousands of athletes every year, promoting human and ethical values.

Based in Brussels since its foundation, FISU decided to move to Lausanne in order to be closer to other international sports federations and other world organisations such as the International Olympic Committee.

In collaboration with the Canton of Vaud, it undertook in 2012 to launch a construction project on the campus of the University of Lausanne.

Le projet

Appointed as assistants to the contracting authority, our teams were able to transcribe a functional workspace that would meet both the needs and operational practices of future users.

  • Represent FISU in the Project Committee and defend its interests with well-founded and concrete arguments
  • Establish all forms of communication between FISU and the project stakeholders; draw up the schedule of meetings and their minutes
  • Designing the living spaces and environments
  • After establishing a diagnosis of the identity, accompany the FISU in its reflection on the evolution of its workplaces
  • Ensure post-move follow-up: problem solving, satisfaction indicators, occupancy rates

The challenges

Among the challenges of the project, a tripartite alignment to be established in which a mix of needs co-exist.

Résultat porjet Fisu
  • To ensure communication with the Canton of Vaud, the project owner, and to represent FISU on the Project Committee with the various stakeholders.
  • To define the common facilities with the University of Lausanne, which will occupy the ground floor and the first floor
  • Compared to the initial project, and without modifying the building envelope, rethink the locations for 50 employees; evaluate the possibilities of implementing new NWoW working methods.
  • Evaluate the technology, including connectivity in particular
  • In the context of a university building with public access, rethink access and security
  • Design and decoration
  • Provide assistance to the FISU in relation to its stakeholders
  • Manage the transfer of people

The result

The contribution of our team has enabled :

  • The handover of the building at the end of 2017
  • The establishment of the FM maintenance contracts
  • FISU’s move in January 2018

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