Certification Leesman : a first !

The Leesman study, whose database currently contains the responses of more than 555,000 end-users in 92 countries, reveals that only 60% of employees believe that their working environment allows them to work productively.

It is therefore not surprising to see that the work environment is once again at the heart of the reflection and that real estate players, who are under pressure from multiple factors such as new technologies and their mobility issues, as well as new management modes, are reviewing their strategy in terms of workspace organisation.

The Leesman tool measures the user experience in terms of both the efficiency of work environments and how employees feel about them. It provides a unique opportunity to examine the features, services and physical structures that will be required to create an optimal work environment. Through a range of questions relating to the suitability of spaces for work activities, facilities and the quality of services offered, the survey reveals the impact of the working environment on the culture, image and productivity of the company.

A positive employee experience has the power to significantly improve productivity and attract and retain new talent. It is therefore crucial to ensure that the work environment you provide is aligned with the jobs and expectations of your employees.

The Leesman Index has become an essential tool in the delivery of our workplace optimisation assignments, as an independent study it provides evidence for informed decisions on workplace organisation.

We congratulate Laura Chovelon who is now part of the Advanced Practitioner community and who dedicates her expertise in Leesman data interpretation to the development of outstanding working environments.