Webinar – Leesman Index

The workplace used to be a constant that you could hold on to. Now we are discovering that we can do without it… for a while… if necessary.

But how serene is this configuration when working from home is not a choice, but rather a response to ensure a continuity plan? Telework is meant to complement and optimise existing organisational models, not replace them.

In a context where exchanges have been highly virtualised, the physical workspace is regaining its substance; many things can be done remotely, but some activities that are imperative to the smooth running of the business do not have the same impact as in the office: group exchanges, brainstorming sessions, feedback or communication around sensitive issues.

Measuring the quality of the work environment offered to employees and understanding how it impacts their performance is the first step in upgrading your spaces.

During its next webinar, AREMIS will present the Leesman Index, an analysis tool based on the largest existing database of employee perceptions of the work environment. Find out how AREMIS uses this essential tool for its missions by combining it with the data that constitute the grail of a controlled work environment: the number of m², workstations and users.

The webinar is free, mais but registration is required here.