Leesman Study

Certification Leesman : a first ! The Leesman study, whose database currently contains the responses of more than 555,000 end-users in 92 countries, reveals that only 60% of employees believe [...]

When work is a source of comfort

Healthy workplace Fitness, fruit cups or even massage sessions offered in the workplace; these are all initiatives that are flourishing within companies and that aim to improve the conditions of [...]

Flexibility and Smart Working

From Flexible to Smart Working There is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to flexible working, from promoting a policy of working from home to encourage a better [...]

Work smart – best practices

Best Practices Work Smart at Aremis "Work Smart is a real cultural transformation of the company" We are a signatory of the Work Smart charter and has been a network [...]

Which Smart Worker are you?

Work Smart Initiative As part of the SBB Digital Train from 18 to 25 October 2018, AREMIS presented a seminar in collaboration with the Work Smart Initiative: which Smart Worker [...]

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