Our philosophy

At Your Way of Work by AREMIS we know that the productivity and motivation of each employee is strongly impacted by the work environment. As an expert in solutions for the optimisation of workspaces and working methods, our role is to provide you with advice, support and training to enhance your working environment, in line with your projects and to facilitate your organisational transformations.

Thanks to our Your Way of Work formula, we ensure a sustainable and effective transition to flexible working models, through the evolution of mentalities and habits for the adoption of methods that suit you.

Our approach

Listening, understanding and offering you a tailor-made approach based on trust.

Supporting your business transformation, from operational management to knowledge management.

Gain an in-depth understanding of your business specifics and support your way of working, not a standard “office concept”.

Develop a strategic tool tailored to your needs and specificities, allowing you to always be one step ahead.

Enable the creation of a virtuous circle where savings are reinvested in the strategic tool “YWoW”.

Find your way of work

Our method

To provide a global and integrated, pragmatic and objective approach based on your strategic vision, the challenges of your company and the expectations of your employees.

Analyse and conceptualise your workplaces taking into account all influencing factors.

Strengthen your company’s identity and help you reduce costs by adapting them to new working methods.